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Bark to School

Sat + Sun, Aug 21 & 22 - San Francisco

Bring your pup to Healthy Spot Mission Bay for a fun photo and help a good cause! This event is a fundraiser for Muttville. The theme is back to school.

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Summer Floral

Sunday, Aug 29 - San Jose

Bring your pup to Hot Pawgust Nights hosted by Ganado Feed for a fun photo and help a good cause! This event is a fundraiser for Love and Second Chances and HARA The theme is Summer yellow floral (may be different than photo shown)

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Summer Pet Photo Day

Saturday, July 31 - san jose

Bring your pup in for a fun photo and help a good cause! This event is a fundraiser for Silicon Valley Pet Project. The theme is Summer.

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Box Session Minis

Date TBD - Location TBD

Join us for Box Shot Session. This event is still in planning. Check back for more info. Likely to be scheduled in September.

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Valentine's Day Pet Photo Day

Sunday, February 14 - pleasanton

Bring your furry valentine in for a fun photo and help a good cause! This event is a fundraiser for Humane Dog Training Advocates. The theme is rose petals on a pink backdrop.

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Spring Pet Photo Day

March 20 & 21 - San Francisco

Join us for Spring themed photo fundraiser at Healthy Spot Mission Bay to raise funds for Rocket Dog Rescue.

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Spring Pet Photo Day

April 24 - San Jose

Join us at Ganado Feed for Spring pet photo event to benefit Love & Second Chances and HARA SF.


Outdoor Pet Mini-Sessions

Saturday, May 1 - Baker Beach, SF

Join us for outdoor Pet Mini-Sessions on Saturday, May 1 at Baker Beach in San Francisco.

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Spring Pet Photo Day

Saturday May 15 - San Jose

Join us for Spring Pet Photos event to benefit The Violet Fund (of The Cavalier Rescue) at Pup Plaza in San Jose.


Spring Pet Photo Day

May 16 - Mountain View

Join us for Spring themed Pet Photos event to benefit Paws for Purple Hearts.

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Photo Event FAQ

I have two dogs, do I need to book two appointments for a fundraiser event?

A.Not necessarily. Depending on the cooperation and energy levels of the the subjects I'll make every effort to get photos of the dogs together and individually. However, let me know what your priority is so that we begin with that. The photo day appointments are only ten minutes.

However, if you have either a large group or very active dogs then it is recommended to reserve two time slots back to back.

Can I be in the photos too?

A.Yes, you are welcome to be in the photo also. The appointments are short so we should begin with what is most important to you.

What will the background be for the photo fundraiser?

A.The backdrops for photo fundraiser events change for each event but are themed. I will always try to indicate by description or photo. For most (not all) events I do the props and decor.

Can I bring my cat to a photo day fundraiser?

A.Sometimes. Please contact me to find out if the particular event is cat safe. Some events are held inside and some are outside. I'm always very impressed by and welcome the brave kitties that come to photo day events but safety is always top priority.

Types of Sessions

Pet Photo Day Fundraiser

These 10 minute sittings are a great way to get a fun, professional photo of your pet and help raise money for animal rescues and shelters. Expect one to three proofs from the sitting. Photography services are volunteered. Proceeds benefit local animal rescues and shelters. Fundraisers have themed backdrops (if you prefer the classic grey studio, check out the mini-sessions or private sessions)


These 20 minute, stacked appointments at a pre-determined location and date are a great, budget-friendly option if you just want a a few photos or an updated portrait of your pet. Expect approximately twenty proofs to choose from.  Minis are offered in Spring and Fall outside and in the studio (on hold for now). The Fall minis are popular for holiday cards.

Full Private Session

A private photo session is a fully customized experience to capture professional photos of your beloved furry family. Expect seventy-five to one hundred proofs to choose from. It's a way to create memories and keepsakes that will help you keep them close, long after they're gone. Private sessions usually take about an hour (for a single subject). The goal is to get some pretty posed photos and some fun candids. We'll get as much variety as possible and you are welcome to be in the shots, too. Spending this much time truly allows the subject to relax and show their true personality and is the best way to tell a full story.