Photo Fundraiser Events

These events are fun, festive and themed. I volunteer my services so proceeds benefit animal shelters and rescues.

Vizsla with snowflake background
Labrador retriever puppies with silver background
Bernadoodle on bench with Christmas Trees
Rottweiler Shepherd mix with snowflake background
Australian Shepherd and mix breed dogs with snowflake background
Cocker spaniel with holiday background
Brindle French Bulldog with snowflake background
mix breed dogs with sweaters and snowflake background
Pomeranian with Christmas tree
Labradoodle with sleigh bench and snowflake backdrop
Three Australian shepherds on winter themed bench
Rottweiler mix with snowflake background
Corgi with winter themed backdrop and sleigh bench
grey American Staffordshire terrier with sweater
black miniature poodle with snowflake backdrop