Photo Studio SESSION

March 26, 2023

11am to 4pm

Pleasanton, CA

Bring your pup for simple (but fun) photos for an updated wall portrait.

The mobile studio will be set up inside Dodger's Paws training facility in Pleasanton. There will be two simple seamless backdrops to choose from (one grey, one colorful).

You can use the session as a regular simple studio session, a birthday theme or even bubbles! The sessions come with digital files but you will have the option to purchase additional printswall art, digital files and cards online.

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Product Options

You will have the option to purchase prints, digitals and holiday cards through the online shop.

Standard Prints

Perhaps you want a few extra prints to share with family or friends. You can order standard photographic prints.

Starts at $30

Greeting Cards

Create a unique holiday card?

Set of 25 with envelopes.

Starting at $56

High Resolution Digitals

Fully retouched high resolution digital files.

Starting at $35

Complimentary Web Res Digitals

You'll receive a complimentary social gallery app that saves to your home screen for instant, easy sharing with family and friends of all images in your order.

It's included for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pets can be included?

A.We can include more than one pet in the session but will get less variety of each one due to the time limit.

My dog is not very trained and I don't think he will sit still...

A.The majority of people have this concern but I can assure you that it's not all about the perfect sit. Part of the fun is figuring out what works for each unique personality.

Can I be in the photo?

A.Yes, you are welcome to be in the photo. This is a simple studio set up and there will not be any bench to sit on so be prepared to sit on the ground.

Can I do both backdrops?

A.Yes! But that will give you less variety on each one, so give some thought to what your priority is so we can be sure to capture what you want out of the session.

Don't see the info you're looking for?

I want you to be able to book with confidence! Send me an email with your question so Ican get the info to you and add it to this page.