"Valencia" 2001

This face.  When cancer struck.  That's the moment my lifelong love of animals and passion for photography collided.  It seemed like only yesterday, but it had been ten years since I found him as a tiny, blue-eyed kitten hiding between the tires of a parked truck on Valencia Street in San Francisco.  I decided to try chemotherapy.  I felt desperate.  He was a soul-mate in the form of a cat and ten years had not been enough time.  I was afraid I would forget the little things that were so uniquely him... how he curled up when he slept, the dot that had emerged on his nose as he aged.  Those eyes.  His tail.  That face.  I had many snapshots but I wanted something more that captured these details... his essence... his spirit.  Over the next few months my camera was always pointed in his direction. 

After this experience, I offered to photograph a friend's dog who had a similar diagnosis...  I realized that the gift was to capture the little things that speak to those of us who feel our furry ones are family.  It is a special honor to be invited to photograph someone's beloved pet.  Each session is a unique journey based on the personalities involved and it is common to find myself smitten with my subjects.  We each feel that our pet is uniquely special...  and we are all right.

A little more about me...


I am a portrait photographer located in Oakland.  I specialize in pet photography because it's what I love.   Whether I'm shooting in a studio, park, beach or your home I like to keep my portrait photography style relaxed and comfortable because what I like to capture is something beyond just a pretty picture. I want images that feel connected and natural. While I do pose subjects in scenic settings (or the studio), I gravitate towards the moments in between poses.  I want my subjects to forget about the camera. 

My parents had a darkroom when I was a child. It was there, way back in the days of film, that I fell in love with the magic of photography.

I am a San Francisco born native.  I have lived in Manhattan, Los Angeles and Portland, yet I feel grateful to call the Bay Area my home.  I enjoy the vibrant energy of the city but you will most often find me running on the trails of the East Bay Regional Parks with one of my three dogs.

I would love the opportunity to capture the spirit of your loved ones for you.  Let's make art!